Check out this interview with Darin Meece: What You Should Know About the Home Closing Process on North Carolina Homes, one of the top sites for North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly – Good Faith Exception

Here is an article from North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly discussing our recent case in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States v. Foster, and quoting Scott Holmes. North Carolina Lawyers Weekly: US v. Foster and Good Faith ExceptionRead More

A Vision of Society Where it is Easier for People to Be Good – by Scott Holmes

On any given day my life is filled with conflicting and contradictory moments of beautiful grace and bitter sorrow. Four kids, four dogs, a lively legal practice, and a commitment to living in a manner that lets the divine sparks flicker and fire in every one I meet and everything I see. I feel like I am surfing on a spiritual surf board, gliding across beautiful waters and wiping out continually. This week was no exception. I spent time in jails, I spent hours talking with people facin… Read More

Thoughts on Restorative Justice – by C. Scott Holmes

“Restorative justice” is a movement to integrate communities into the criminal justice system and facilitate moments of reconciliation between victims and offenders within the system. I believe communities can play a larger role before, during and after the criminal justice system runs its course. We should be working toward ways to provided assistance to communities, victims, offenders, and their families in connection with violence, crime and addiction. A. Victim Services Victims… Read More

Why you need a will

As I write this, I’m sitting on the beach at Emerald Isle watching my children play in the sand. I love going on vacation, it gives me time to think about things like whether the sunburned guy sleeping under the umbrella next to me has a will. What? You say you don’t have those kinds of thoughts? Well you’re in good company. According to a survey by a leading internet search engine, 64% of Americans do not have a will, power of attorney or other basic estate planning documents. Chanc… Read More

What do I need to know if I have never hired an attorney before?

How do I get started? Get a referral. Ask friends or family for a referral to an attorney who they have used in the past and had a positive experience with. If those attorneys cannot help with your particular case, they can likely refer you to someone who can. Do not rely solely on yellow pages ads or other advertisements. At Brock & Meece, P.A., we are always happy to provide you with referrals to reputable attorneys who can assist you if we are unable to do so… Read More