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Meece and Lockamy, Durham NC

Our Attorneys

At Meece and Lockamy, P.A., our attorneys share a commitment to serving our clients’ interests that stems from the common belief that, as attorneys, it is both our honor and our privilege to serve others. Everyone in our firm is highly trained and shares a strong belief that it is our responsibility to work with […]

Our Philosophy

Often, one of the attorneys here at Lockamy Law Firm will be asked “How are you guys different from another firm?” Or, more specifically, we are told “The last attorneys I dealt with did not give enough attention to my case,” “only seemed concerned with their fees,” “would not call me back,” “and promised things […]

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At Meece and Lockamy, P.A. we believe the simplest way to find out if you need an attorney is to ask. In order to determine if we offer the appropriate services to assist you, we would like to meet you. Consultations in criminal matters are free. Please fill out our General Criminal Information Sheet, and […]

Community Service & Pro Bono

Our attorneys are committed to the principle that leadership and service to the community are an integral part of the legal profession. We are involved in a wide variety of community programs and volunteer work, such as: Carolina Theater Board Member Neighborhood Associations Board Members Service mission trips to Indonesia and Botswana Service mission trips […]

In the News

Here are some articles where we have been in the news: Attorney: Evidence in girl’s death is thin North Carolina Inmates Imprisoned for a Crime They Didn’t Commit Racial Profiling in North Carolina: Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops, 2000 to 2011 Immigrant Protester Enters Alford Plea and Appeals Occupy Protest Unleashes Unusual Legal Argument Win […]